Will I still face murder charges if I acted in self-defense?

Yes, it is still possible to be charged with murder even if you were defending yourself. Self-defense, also known as justification, can be used as a legitimate defense strategy for those charged with murder or other violent crimes. If a jury accepts that you acted in self-dense, you may be cleared of wrongdoing. However, proving that you acted in self-defense is not straightforward.

Under New York law, specific factors determine what counts as self-defense and what does not. For example, a person cannot claim self-defense if the murder occurred because they started a fight or provoked the victim into attacking them with the intent to cause harm.

A defendant may be justified in using deadly force to defend themselves or a third party if they reasonably believe the other person is using or about to use deadly force, or if the person is committing or trying to commit kidnapping, robbery, rape or a forcible sex act. Self-defense may also be used when defending property if arson or burglary is involved.

The laws surrounding self-defense are complex and require great skill when fighting a murder charge in court. The criminal defense lawyers at Brill Legal Group are experienced in handling murder cases. Our legal team will explore every possible defense strategy in your case to ensure you get a fair trial and a favorable outcome. Contact us today.

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