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I was arrested for committing a crime. Do I need a lawyer even if I am innocent?

Just because someone is innocent does not mean they will not be found guilty at trial. The reality is that innocent people can be convicted of crimes based on false accusations.

For example, someone may tell the police their incorrect version of events either deliberately or due to a misunderstanding. This can lead to the arrest of an innocent individual. In such circumstances, the accused must face the charges and show why they are false. The charges will not simply disappear.

For innocent individuals charged with a crime, it is important to turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney who can address the accusations and build a strong case. He or she will protect the accused person’s rights throughout the complex and confusing legal process. The attorney can help get the charges dismissed, ensure evidence was obtained legally and fairly presented in court, identify pre-trial issues and engage in negotiations.

Attorneys also help individuals understand their legal options so that they can make informed decisions regarding their case. Making the wrong choices could have serious, lifelong implications. The consequences of a criminal conviction include fines, jail time, probation and other legal penalties.

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