What If I Didn’t Know There Was a Bench Warrant Issued For Me?

What If I Didn’t Know There Was a Bench Warrant Issued For Me?

In some cases, the individual may be unaware that there is a bench warrant out for him or her and may discover it in less than ideal circumstances. There may be a number of reasons you did not appear at the court hearing, such as not receiving a notice of the hearing date due to a change in address or getting into an accident. However, the court will assume you intentionally failed to show up.

Missing a court date can have serious consequences as you can be arrested and jailed to await a hearing at any time. It is critical that you get legal assistance at once in such circumstances. Having a criminal defense attorney arguing on your behalf will help you avoid any penalties which the court may impose. Additionally, it will demonstrate to the judge that you take the charges against you seriously.

A defense attorney can best explain to the court why you failed to appear at your court date. At Brill Legal Group, we can help you prepare by advising you on helpful documents or witnesses for your court appearance.

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