New York NYPD and Police Union Defense Attorneys

At the Brill Legal Group, attorneys Peter Brill and David Gray spent many years working within the NYPD disciplinary system. While Peter Brill spent nearly 15 years as counsel to the Detectives, Lieutenants and Captains unions, David Gray spent her times as an Assistant Department Advocate after leaving the Bronx District Attorney’s Office. As proud as we are of those parts of our careers, we are now proud to call ourselves former NYPD and Union attorneys, and here’s why: No more politics. No more worrying about keeping a good relationship with your adversary because you might need something from him tomorrow on a different case. With every case we handle, we can be sure that our clients will receive the best representation they can get, because we owe no allegiance to a boss, a union or an agency like the NYPD. Our only allegiance is to you, the client.

With experience representing members of the NYPD, Corrections, Parole Officers, District Attorney Investigators and federal agents, we can assist during all stages of the disciplinary process, including those cases that cannot be negotiated without a trial. The attorneys at the Brill Legal Group understand that being accused of misconduct by Internal Affairs, CCRB, OIG, DOI, or another investigative group can be terrifying, infuriating and frustrating all at the same time. A Departmental investigation and the service of charges can lead to modification and/or suspension of your duties. We take pride in working efficiently and diligently to resolve each disciplinary matter, regardless of whether your matter involves a minor infraction, is a thirty (30) day case or is being handled as a termination case.

Our clear understanding of the Patrol Guide and other Department policies enables us to defend accusations aggressively and successfully. We fight for our clients and use our experience to protect the pensions, benefits and reputations that our Uniformed Members of the Service have worked so hard to attain. And we have succeeded, many times over.

If you are concerned about the quality of your union attorneys, call the Brill Legal Group. Even if others won’t, we will always answer your calls and your questions.

Thank you Peter Brill and your office for your commitment and honesty in regards to my case. You made me feel comfortable since day one to have you as my lawyer and I will never forget that. Your strategy saved my pension and I am truly grateful. Your knowledge in caselaw and your professionalism in court was exceptional and it made a difference in my case. Thank you for your guidance through the toughest time of my life.

- E.V.