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Modern media coverage has brought a great deal of attention to internet solicitation in New York and throughout the United States. People accused of going online to attract minors for sex are portrayed as a large-scale problem gripping the nation. This media exposure has resulted in prejudice and harsh consequences for individuals suspected of internet solicitation of minors — even before they have had opportunity to demonstrate innocence. At the Brill Legal Group, we believe in the significance of early intervention and a strong internet solicitation defense team.

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As a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, our criminal defense lawyer understands how prosecutors and law enforcement operate. They often start their investigations from a narrow and overzealous viewpoint, making assumptions that may not be supported by evidence and ignoring other potential suspects. We understand how to undermine and dismantle a poorly structured prosecution by a careful examination of the charges you are facing.

At the Brill Legal Group, we investigate and analyze every element of your case. While many attorneys may take shortcuts, we listen to your side of the story and assess every piece of evidence. We develop the best defense strategy possible based upon the facts and evidence unique to your case.

No matter the website or social network you may be accused of using for solicitation, we have the forensic experts to analyze the website and determine potential defenses. For example, many of these online services contain disclaimers or certifications that all parties engaging in conversations are over the age of 18.

Internet solicitation is a serious offense that is aggressively prosecuted by law enforcement. However, if you have been arrested or are under investigation for internet solicitation or another internet sex crime, it is critical to speak with an experienced defense attorney right away. The sooner we speak with you, the sooner we can develop a viable defense strategy. Contact our criminal defense attorneys in our Nassau County, Suffolk County or Manhattan offices for a free initial consultation.



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Our client, a Garden City (Nassau County) resident, was the target of an FBI search warrant for allegations of possessing child pornography. Due to our early involvement, we were able to ensure that no charges were ever brought against our client, and the computer equipment taken from him was returned to him intact.

Just when I was getting discouraged and was at my wits end trying to find the right attorney for my case, a family member recommended Mr. Brill. He did not disappoint. Mr. Brill and his team are diligent, very professional, encouraging and honest every step of the way. Highly recommended.

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