Aggravated DWI

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Aggravated DWI

New York Aggravated DUI/DWI Defense Lawyer

Aggravated DWI is not a question of being “a little tipsy.” By definition, this serious charge alleges that the alcohol in your system was more than twice the legal limit.

A conviction for aggravated DWI/DUI carries very stiff penalties. A conviction under Leandra’s Law, for driving drunk with a child in the car, can be even worse. But you are not convicted, yet. There are legitimate defenses that an experienced attorney can explore.

The Brill Legal Group in Hauppauge has successfully challenged these charges, helping clients avoid the criminal and license sanctions, or minimizing the consequences. Contact us immediately for explanation and vigorous protection of your rights.

Harsher Penalties for Higher Intoxication

Blood-alcohol content (BAC) measured at .18 or greater is charged as aggravated DWI. The punishment, even for a first offense, may include:

  • Possible jail time
  • License revocation for one year (compared to six-month suspension for DWI)
  • Ignition interlock installed on your vehicle
  • Mandatory alcohol assessment and alcohol treatment (OASAS)
  • Probation supervision
  • High fines and court costs

The charge of aggravated DWI is based on alcohol in your blood, but the Intoxilyzer 5000 used by New York State law enforcement measures alcohol in your breath. Many factors can cause a false reading of .18 or more. Or, if you were involved in an accident and the authorities drew your blood without express consent, the sample could have been tainted in many ways. In any DWI, we examine probable cause for the traffic stop and the officer’s conduct to determine if your rights were violated en route to these charges.

Commitment to Your Cause

In short, an arrest for aggravated DWI is a harsh awakening, but a conviction is not a done deal. The Brill Legal Group will guide you through this scary process, whether this is your first DWI arrest or a repeat offense. We will exhaust every defense to get charges dismissed or reduced, or in representing you at trial. Our aim is to put this episode behind you with the least criminal penalties, license sanctions and collateral consequences.

Arrested for Aggravated DWI?

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Our criminal defense lawyers provides a fighting chance to beat this charge or get it knocked down to a lesser drunk driving offense. Peter Brill is a former Assistant District Attorney who knows how to challenge the basis for the criminal complaint.