Hacking, also called “computer crime” or “cybercrime,” can include any crime that involves a computer, but it generally involves acquiring unauthorized access to a computer or network by exploiting security vulnerabilities.

Hacking in particular is a charge sometimes levied against individuals who are not attempting to do anyone any harm. For instance, it is not unusual for minors to find themselves in trouble with the law because of allegations of computer hacking. These days, kids and teens tend to have an innate understanding of computer technology – far greater than many adults. When a minor comes across a computer system that is not adequately secured, they may find it a trivial matter to compromise that system and gain access, whether it is a school computer system or perhaps a peer’s social media account. They may not understand that unauthorized access can be a serious crime, even if they had no malicious intent and caused no lasting harm.

Computer hacking is a highly technical charge, and technical charges require a technical defense. If you or a loved one is charged with computer hacking, do not underestimate the seriousness of the charges, and do not settle for just any criminal defense attorney. You need an attorney with a proven record of successfully defending against hacking charges. You need Brill Legal Group, P.C.



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