Defending Long Island and NYC Students in Suspension/Expulsion Hearings

Special statutes apply when students are in trouble at school. If the school is maneuvering to expel or suspend your child, you as the parents should hire legal counsel to demand a hearing and fight unreasonably harsh punishment.

The Brill Legal Group of Hauppauge and Hempstead, New York has substantial experience representing students in school disciplinary proceedings. We have spared many clients from expulsion or long-term suspensions, or limited the sanctions, and in the process preserved eligibility for scholarships or participation in athletics and school activities.

We counsel students and parents on school discipline matters in the Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City schools, public or private. We also provide juvenile defense if your child is accused of a crime.

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Experienced Defense for School Discipline Hearings

Under state law, school principals have discretion to suspend students for up to five days. There is little you can do to fight these administrative suspensions, unless the action would cause a serious or immediate detriment such as being kicked off of a sports team.

For anything more than a five-day suspension — expulsion, indefinite suspension, long-term suspension or “home instruction” — you have the right to request a hearing. We can represent your child in that hearing, or negotiate privately with the superintendent, building principal or school board. We have the resources to show the school authorities that there are other solutions available, whether the behavior stems from family tensions, learning difficulties, or a student’s need for special services and an Individualized Education Program (IEP), as mandated by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Why You Need a Lawyer

School boards and administrators often cave in to pressure from other parents to “do something” about a student accused of assault, sexual harassment, dealing drugs, terroristic threats or other misconduct. Often the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, or punishes a falsely accused child. School districts also have the resources to bring in “big gun” lawyers to defend school disciplinary actions.

For a swift and vigorous defense in school disciplinary hearings, contact our Long Island firm for a free initial consultation. We have offices in Hauppauge, Hempstead and Manhattan.

Other Student Disciplinary Hearing Cases We Handle:

Attorney Peter Brill and his legal team respond aggressively to the clamor to ensure that your son or daughter gets a fair hearing and is not railroaded or punished excessively. We can often negotiate an alternative punishment that will not adversely affect the child's school career or future educational and employment opportunities.

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