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Every day on Long Island and across the five boroughs of New York City, people are locked up for crimes they didn’t commit or over-sentenced for their poor choices. Will you be next?

At the Brill Legal Group, we’re here to help make sure that doesn’t happen. Criminal defense is all we do, and we’re very good at it. For over 15 years, our attorneys have helped many individuals stay out of jail and avoid harsh penalties.

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We don’t judge our clients — we help them. No matter what crime you are charged with, our firm delivers smart, aggressive defense aimed at preserving your freedom and insulating you from heavy-handed punishment. Call toll-free at 888-315-9841.

We also defend licensed professionals, union members and students facing criminal inquiries or administrative disciplinary hearings, and individuals dealing with bench warrants in New York and parole violations.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators, but have also taken hundreds of cases to trial, hearing or arbitration on Long Island and throughout New York City. We have defended some of the toughest criminal cases our area has seen, favorably resolved felony and misdemeanor charges, juvenile crimes, and brushed back overreaching government regulators. Our criminal defense practice areas include:

Fraud, Theft & White Collar Crimes

When investigations target you or your employer, it is important to immediately seek experienced legal advice to ensure your rights are protected. Our attorneys are skilled negotiators, but have also taken hundreds of cases to trial, hearing or arbitration on Long Island and throughout New York City. Our criminal defense attorneys handle a full range of misdemeanor and felony fraud, white collar crimes and embezzlement charges.


Internet Crimes

Both sides of the law are learning how to deal with the new and unfamiliar territory of computer crime. Prosecutors are easily misled by investigators and police officers, and defense attorneys often have little to no experience with the types of cases they take. We have extensive experience innovating defense strategies for an array of internet crimes.


Domestic Violence

In the eyes of the law, if you have been accused of domestic violence, you are alleged to have committed assault, menacing with a weapon, or criminal contempt, which are serious charges with very real consequences. In fact, with the “must arrest” domestic violence policy of all local police departments, you have probably already experienced a taste of how the criminal justice system treats even those who are presumed innocent.


Sex Crimes

Getting the wrong legal advice at critical stages of your case can have consequences far beyond the courtroom because of all the hidden consequences of being convicted of a sex offense. Even for the most minor sex-related offenses, most jurisdictions require a minimum of 10 years of sex offender registration. Long-term probation or parole is usually a mandatory part of every plea deal, and years of jail time for even minor first offenders is often the normal “offer” from prosecutors.


Drug Crimes

Our team has the resources of time, attention and technology to give each drug crime case the focused attention that you need and deserve. Your matter will never be handed off to an inexperienced associate or paralegal, and you will always be able to contact us, no matter how minor you think your question or issue might be.


International & Federal Crimes

These types of crimes include people charged in a federal court, usually stemming from a federal investigation with an international focus and people who have left the United States to escape criminal penalties and are trying to return, among others.


Violent Crimes & Weapons Charges

At The Brill Legal Group, we have developed a core competency in these services, defending those accused of violent crimes aggressively. We have a long experience with criminal defense, assisting individuals accused of an array of crimes, including violent crimes. It is our goal to help you navigate the complexities of these types of cases, have charges dismissed or reduce jail time.



Breath tests are not foolproof, nor are blood-alcohol content (BAC) tests. Mistakes can be made, both by arresting officers and by law enforcement personnel at the police station. If mistakes were made, we will find them and use them to your advantage.


Conceal Prior Criminal Convictions

People convicted of certain crimes under New York law or released from custody at least a decade ago, whichever is later, may be able to benefit from a new law. Based on the new law that went into effect October 7, 2017, many of those convictions or incarcerations may be sealed. The impact of the newly-enacted legislation is to help people with a criminal past prove that they have been rehabilitated allowing them the opportunity to start over.


"Peter is an incredibly detail-oriented attorney with a fine grasp of his client's issues. He is a person of strong moral character and exceptional intelligence. His understanding of legal matters lends his clients a distinct advantage in civil and criminal matters. I strongly recommend him for these as well as countless other qualities."


Suffolk County DWI Attorney

At the Brill Legal Group, our DWI defense lawyer has helped dozens of individuals avoid harsh penalties and preserve their driving privileges. Is it easy? No, but it can be done. With offices in Hempstead, Manhattan, Hauppauge and in the Hamptons, we practice in state and federal courts of Suffolk County, Nassau County, Queens County, Kings County, Bronx County and New York County, we assist clients who have been charged with:

DWI (DUI) and DWAI — Criminal and DMV defense for drunk driving, including aggravated DWI or refusal of the Breathalyzer
Drug Possession or Sale
Prescription Drug Fraud — Representing doctors, pharmacists or individuals


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