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Violent Crimes and Weapons Charges

In New York, violent crimes cover a broad range of offenses including weapons charges, robbery and burglary, assault, murder and manslaughter among others. They involve using force, causing physical harm to another individual or threatening to inflict bodily harm on them.

Violent crimes are considered among the most serious in state and federal courts. As a result, they carry harsher punishments than nonviolent offenses. For the most severe violent charges there is a possibility of life in prison without parole. With your future at stake, having a top attorney fighting in your corner is crucial. Otherwise, you risk facing the full force of the law and jeopardizing your freedom.

Brill Legal Group’s thorough, aggressive approach has procured many favorable results for clients in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York City over the years. As a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, Peter E. Brill has insider knowledge of how the prosecution develops cases and uses evidence. This knowledge, combined with his criminal trial experience, makes him and his legal team well-equipped to help you fight violent crime charges.



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Our client, a Brooklyn resident, was charged in Kings County Supreme Court with multiple counts of arson, weapons possession, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief for allegedly shooting up the cars of a former friend and returning a few days later to torch one of the cars, which was all caught on video. He was found Not Guilty of all charges at trial.

Just when I was getting discouraged and was at my wits end trying to find the right attorney for my case, a family member recommended Mr. Brill. He did not disappoint. Mr. Brill and his team are diligent, very professional, encouraging and honest every step of the way. Highly recommended.

- A.S.