Sex Offender Status & Registration

Long Island Legal Defense for Accused or Convicted Sex Offenders

Upon sentencing for certain sex crimes or before your release, the state of New York will determine if you are at high, moderate or low risk to reoffend. It is critical to have quality representation for the determination of your sex offender status.

At Brill Legal Group, we are committed to protecting your rights and limiting the impact of sex offender registration. We understand that your status will affect — for years or the rest of your life — where you can live, what jobs you can have, and what information about your conviction will be published or known to others.

Serving clients of Nassau County, Suffolk County and the NYC area, our lawyers provide sex crime defense and representation before the state and federal courts to argue for the lowest possible status befitting your offenses, and to minimize the conditions imposed on you, including GPS tracking of your every move.

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Challenging Your Sex Offender Status

State guidelines dictate three levels of sex offenders: Level 3 (likely to reoffend), Level 2 (moderate risk to reoffend) or Level 1 (lowest risk or lowest sexual abuse offenses). Certain convictions can also require registration as a sexually violent predator, or lead to additional jail time as a result of civil commitment, even after the original prison sentence is over. New York law allows for upward or downward departure from the presumptive sex offender level, based upon convincing arguments made to the sentencing judge.

Information contained in the sex offender level recommendations prepared by the New York State Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders in Albany usually contain errors, some of which are major factors in an unjust result. Our experienced attorneys represent clients in hearings to argue for departure from Level 3 to Level 2, or from Level 2 to Level 1, based on administrative errors, presentence investigation reports, treatment programs in prison, and other evidence that you can be reintegrated safely into society. We have also represented Level 3 offenders in civil commitment proceedings after a prison term has been served.

Violations of Sex Offender Registration

Registered sex offenders must check in with authorities, especially for relocation or new employment. You could be sent back to prison or even have your status reclassified for:

  • Failing to notify police you moved or got a new job
  • Using a false identity or altering your appearance
  • “Not fully participating” or failing to appropriately engage in post-release treatment
  • Violating conditions of your probation or parole (no drugs or alcohol, no Internet access without permission, staying clear of children or where children may be).

We can represent you in any proceedings stemming from an alleged violation, or take proactive steps to protect you if you are inadvertently out of compliance.

Long Island Megan’s Law Attorney

Under Megan’s Law and New York’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), the public can be informed about convicted sex offenders living in their communities. In New York, Level 3 and Level 2 offenders are listed on the DCJS website. Information on Level 1 offenders is not published by the state, but is provided to schools, day care centers, senior centers and parent advocacy groups, some of which have posted those names and photos on their own websites.

Society has written you off and the justice system is stacked against you. Brill Legal Group is loyal to your Constitutional rights to due process and a fair hearing. Contact our Hauppauge office for a free initial consultation. We also have offices in Hempstead and Manhattan.



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