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Criminal Defense Cases: Sex Crimes

New York College Basketball Player Accused of Sexual Assault

Our client, a basketball player recruited to play for a New York college, was accused of sexual assault during his freshman year. He was expelled after the college refused to accommodate his request for a short adjournment during an administrative hearing due to the lawyer’s scheduling conflict. After many years of legal challenges, we successfully got the Court of Appeals to reverse a ruling by the Appellate Division. The case was sent back for a fresh new disciplinary hearing. The Court of Appeals agreed that the college had violated our client’s right to legal counsel and due process during the hearing. New disciplinary hearing.

Multiple Felony Sexual Abuse

Our client, a Bronx resident, was charged with multiple felony counts of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Misconduct, and Course of Sexual Conduct Against a Child, which would have put him in jail for years if he had been convicted. Through our cross-examination of the child and his mother, as well as the use of a key expert witness, the jury was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that our client was Not Guilty of all charges.

Charged with Rape and Abuse

Our client, a Canarsie (Brooklyn) resident, charged with Rape and Sexual Abuse, Kings County, after he purchased Chinese takeout for his date and took her back to his house instead of treating her to the Red Lobster dinner she asked for. He was found Not Guilty of all charges at trial.

Bronx County Dismissed Rape Case

Our client, a Manhattan resident, was charged with rape in Bronx County, after he brought the complainant home after a date and engaged in consensual sexual relations. Many criminal defense attorneys are notoriously afraid of allowing their clients to testify before the grand jury. In this situation, we determined that appearing before the grand jury would be a way to “short circuit” the case before it even got started – so long as the grand jury believed our client. We spent many hours over the course of a few weeks preparing the client to testify. In the end, the strategy paid off. His testimony was rock solid and the case was dismissed.

Dismissed Child Pornography Possession Charge

Our client, an Ozone Park (Queens County) resident, was charged in Queens County Supreme Court with multiple counts of possession of child pornography. Prior to our involvement, he had even made written admissions to the police. After a year of intense investigation, negotiation and advocacy, all charges were dismissed. Follow the link to see a news account of this case: Client charged with possession of child pornography, multiple counts: Case Dismissed.

Alleged Possession of Child Pornography

Our client, a Garden City (Nassau County) resident, was the target of an FBI search warrant for allegations of possessing child pornography. Due to our early involvement, we were able to ensure that no charges were ever brought against our client, and the computer equipment taken from him was returned to him intact.

Dismissed Solicitation Charge

Our client was charged with soliciting sex from a minor online and endangering the welfare of a child in New York County: Case Dismissed.

Dismissed Sexual Abuse Case

Client charged with Sexual Abuse of a girl he met at a party and brought home, New York County: Case Dismissed.

Suffolk County Sexual Abuse Charge

Our client was charged with repeated sexual abuse of a young girl in Suffolk County:No Jail Time.

Dismissed Rape Charge

Our clients (two brothers) were charged with Rape in the City of Yonkers. After an intense defense investigation of the complainant and the surrounding circumstances,the case was dismissed against our clients by the Westchester District Attorney.

Criminal Defense Cases: Harassment Charges

Charged with Aggravated Harassment

Our client, a Yonkers resident who was on felony probation, was arrested three additional times in Manhattan for aggravated harassment against his ex-girlfriend and criminal contempt (for violating her order of protection, twice). He could not accept any plea, since his probation would have been violated and he would have faced over five years in jail. Our strategy was to try the first two charges first, and hope that the Manhattan District Attorney thought differently about the evidence after we won. After a short jury trial in New York County Supreme Court, our client was found not guilty of the first two charges. A few weeks later, the District Attorney offered an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) on the last charge, meaning the case would be dismissed so long as he stayed out of trouble. In the end, the client avoided any possibility of jail time and had no additional criminal convictions.

Not Guilty on Aggravated Harassment Charges

Our client was charged by the Nassau County District Attorney with Aggravated Harassment against his estranged wife in Nassau County District Court. After a bench trial before the Hon. Norman St. George, he was found Not Guilty of all charges.

Criminal Defense Cases: Weapons Possession Charge

Not Guilty on Weapons Possession, Reckless Endangerment and Arson Charges

Our client, a Brooklyn resident, was charged in Kings County Supreme Court with multiple counts of arson, weapons possession, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief for allegedly shooting up the cars of a former friend and returning a few days later to torch one of the cars, which was all caught on video. He was found Not Guilty of all charges at trial.

Criminal Defense Cases: DWI & Vehicular Assault Charges

Not Guilty DWI Charge

Our client, a Croton-on-Hudson (Westchester County) resident, was charged in Bronx County with DWI and refusing the chemical test. Police claimed they found a half-full bottle of vodka in the client’s car. After a week-long jury trial with multiple police and civilian witnesses, the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict in less than half an hour.

New York DWI Case

Our client was charged with DWI and Driving While Ability Impaired in New York County. He was found Not Guilty of all charges at trial.

Vehicular Assault and Aggravated DWI Charge- No Jail Time

Our client, a Highland Mills (Rockland County) resident, was charged in Westchester County Court with Vehicular Assault and Aggravated DWI after the car he was driving flipped and a passenger in the car was ejected from the vehicle, seriously injured and permanently disabled. Through our representation, including meeting with the victim and his family, advocacy with the Westchester District Attorney’s Office, and an extensive presentation before the judge, the client was sentenced to straight probation with no jail time.

Charged with DWI in the Bronx

Client, a Throgs Neck (Bronx County) resident was charged with DWI in the Bronx after he ran his car into a brick wall, knocked out half his teeth and was in a coma for a week. After eight months of continuous advocacy with the District Attorney and the Court, the case was dismissed.

Criminal Defense Cases: Charge with Assault

Manhattan Gang Assault Charge

Our client, a young professional, was charged with Gang Assault in Manhattan Supreme Court after he and two of his friends confronted the new boyfriend of one of the other defendant’s ex-girlfriend. This resulted in a drunken brawl outside of Chinatown’s famous Wo Hop restaurant, and multiple staples in the back of the new boyfriend’s head. The charge carried a minimum jail sentence of five years, and our client was found Not Guilty of all charges at trial.

Not Guilty on Assault and Harassment Case

Our client, a New York City Police Detective, was charged with Assault in the Third Degree (against his estranged wife), Harassment (against his estranged wife) and Endangering the Welfare of a Child (against his 2-year-old daughter) in New York County Criminal Court. After a jury trial, he was found Not Guilty of all charges.

High Schooler Charged with Fighting and Refusing To Be Arrested

Our client, an Islip Terrace high school student, was charged by the Suffolk County District Attorney in Suffolk County District Court (Central Islip) with cursing at the police, fighting with the police and refusing to be arrested. Due to the complete lack of credibility of the Suffolk County Police Sergeant who made the arrest, our client was found Not Guilty of all charges after a nonjury trial.

Dismissed Assault With a Deadly Weapon Charge

Our client, a Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) resident, was charged with Assault in the First Degree with a Deadly Weapon (a sushi knife) by the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office in Staten Island. Through negotiation and savvy presentation of our case to the District Attorney, the Case was Dismissed without our client even testifying. Follow the link to see a news account of this case: Client charged with Assault in the First Degree with a Deadly Weapon (a sushi knife): Case Dismissed.

Bronx Attempted Murder and Reckless Endangerment Charge Dismissed

Our Client was charged with Attempted Murder and Reckless Endangerment in Bronx County for defending himself from a wanted felon who attacked him and caused him to fear for his life. After two years of intense advocacy, the case was dismissed.

Alleged Assault

Our clients were investigated for allegations of assaulting an off-duty FBI agent. The FBI started an investigation that should have been investigated by the local police. After showing the US Attorney’s Office that the FBI agent was clearly intoxicated at the time of the incident, we made sure that our clients were never arrested.

Criminal Defense Cases: Fraud Cases

Conspiring to Distribute/Sell Non-Registered EPA Pesticides

Our client was charged with conspiring to distribute and sell pesticides that was not registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Due to our work on their behalf, we were able to get an order granting a motion to dismiss the case without prejudice.

Mail Fraud in Federal Court

Our client, a small-business owner and Staten Island resident was charged with a $600,000 Conspiracy and Mail Fraud in federal court by the United States Attorney, Southern District of New York, along with his partner. The main witness against him was his ex-girlfriend, who had come up with the idea of starting the business venture to begin with. After a two-week trial, both he and his partner were found Not Guilty of all charges at trial. The ex-girlfriend wasn’t so lucky (and we didn’t represent her)!

Manhattan Grand Larceny Case

Our client, an international fashion executive from Manhattan, was charged with Grand Larceny for withdrawing over $10,000 from the corporate account of a company she no longer worked for. Through diligent investigation and discussions with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, we were able to quickly have the charges dropped.

Million Dollar Grand Larceny Charge

Our client was charged with a Grand Larceny in excess of $1,000,000. Furthermore, he admitted his role in the crime before we became involved. Due to our work on his behalf, for over a year, he received No Jail Time.

Insurance Fraud Allegations

Our client, and insurance adjuster who worked throughout New York City and the surrounding counties, was being investigated for insurance fraud in Kings County (Brooklyn). No Arrest Made.

Insurance Fraud Case

That same insurance adjuster was later investigated and arrested by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for a wide-ranging insurance fraud scheme. We again represented him, and he received no jail time as part of his plea.

Disciplinary Hearing Cases

New York City Police Detective Misconduct

Our client, a Bronx resident and New York City Police Detective, was charged with multiple counts of Official Misconduct and Hindering Prosecution for improperly dealing with confidential informants. After a two-week jury trial in Manhattan Supreme Court, he was found Not Guilty of all charges.

Health Care Cases

Falsifying Nursing Home Records Case

Our client, a 62-year-old Registered Nurse and East Meadow (Nassau County) resident, was charged by the Attorney General in Nassau County Court with multiple felony counts of Falsifying Business Records in a nursing home in Farmingdale because she didn’t fill out paperwork about something that occurred on a previous shift (when she wasn’t working). After a jury trial that lasted over a week, the jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict on all counts in 20 minutes.

Dismissed Misconduct Charges Brought Against RN

Our client, an RN and Bay Shore (Suffolk County) resident who was born in Africa, was recruited to work at a West Islip, Suffolk County hospital as a med/surg nurse. She applied to work in the ICU, where she was subjected to harassment by the (all white) ICU nursing staff, to the point that misconduct charges were brought against her by the New York State Department of Education, and she was forced to resign. After a hearing before a representative of the New York State Board of Regents, she was found to have done nothing wrong and all charges against her were dismissed.



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