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Both sides of the law are learning how to deal with the new and unfamiliar territory of computer crime. Prosecutors are easily misled by investigators and police officers, and defense attorneys often have little to no experience with the types of cases they take. We have extensive experience innovating defense strategies for Internet sex crimes, identity theft, computer fraud, copyright infringement (piracy), and more.

At the Brill Legal Group, we focus our practice exclusively on representing clients facing criminal charges in Nassau County, Suffolk County and throughout New York City. When facing criminal accusations for these crimes, it is essential to have an experienced defense lawyer on your side defending your rights.

These types of crime are relatively new, and that’s exactly the problem, because most prosecutors have no idea what they are dealing with and are easily misled by overzealous Internet crusaders and ill-informed investigators and police officers.

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Some people are wrongfully accused of Internet sex crimes or other Internet crimes because the evidence was found on their computer hard drive. Therefore, it is important to have an attorney who understands what it takes to provide the best possible defense. We investigate for evidence of viruses, “bots” or illegal usage of our client’s wireless network. Among the many Internet-related crimes and computer crimes against which we can provide intelligent, aggressive defense include:

Internet Sex Crimes

As a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, our criminal defense lawyer understands how prosecutors and law enforcement operate. They often start their investigations from a narrow and overzealous viewpoint, making assumptions that may not be supported by evidence and ignoring other potential suspects. We understand how to undermine and dismantle a poorly structured prosecution by a careful examination of the charges you are facing.


Identity Theft

State and federal law enforcement agencies are devoting more resources to combating identity theft and credit card fraud. They have the cooperation of banks and credit card companies that lose millions upon millions each year covering fraudulent purchases. If you were caught up in the dragnet, the Brill Legal Group in Manhattan’s Financial District provides a sophisticated defense to counter the government’s case against you.



Police and prosecutors are aggressively investigating attempts to gather personal data through fake emails and websites. Hacking in particular is a charge sometimes levied against individuals who are not attempting to do anyone any harm.



Phishing is an attempt to acquire information from someone, such as their website login credentials or credit card information, by deceptive means. It is a form of identity theft or attempted identity theft.


Use of Social Networking Sites for Criminal Purposes

The Internet has fundamentally changed the lives of many people in the world, and in some ways it has changed the nature of criminality as well. It is easier than ever to find information about one another and to use that information to harm others. The law continues to evolve in an attempt to keep pace with changing technology and to protect the public.


Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can include the use of forged cards, the physical theft of a card, the theft of data, the use of that data to make online purchases, and the unauthorized use of information to obtain new credit. The charges associated with these offenses include credit card theft, possession of stolen credit cards, unlawful use of a credit card, forgery, and identity theft.


Possession of Child Pornography

The very mention of the words “child pornography” and your name in the same sentence — especially if that sentence is in a newspaper or on a website — can have a devastating impact on your life, career, and personal relationships. During plea negotiations or at trial, the legal experts at the Brill Legal Group work diligently to ensure that the end result is an acquittal, dismissal, or charge of possession, rather than selling, distributing, receiving and/or transporting child pornography. This can make all the difference in helping a defendant live a life outside of prison.



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As a former Nassau County Assistant District Attorney, our cyber crime attorney knows how these cases are prosecuted and how overzealous the authorities make arrests and win convictions. Our criminal defense law firm won’t let the authorities bend and distort the facts to obtain an easy conviction.

While this area of the law is still developing, don’t underestimate the State’s desire to prosecute you. Because of media attention, prosecutions can be very aggressive.

If you’ve been charged with an Internet sex crime or other computer crime, contact us today to put our knowledge, experience and aggressive defense representation to work for you. We offer a free initial consultation. Call us anytime. Your call will always be answered, no matter what time of day.


Alleged Possession of Child Pornography

Our client, a Garden City (Nassau County) resident, was the target of an FBI search warrant for allegations of possessing child pornography. Due to our early involvement, we were able to ensure that no charges were ever brought against our client, and the computer equipment taken from him was returned to him intact.

Dismissed Child Pornography Possession Charge

Our client, an Ozone Park (Queens County) resident, was charged in Queens County Supreme Court with multiple counts of possession of child pornography. Prior to our involvement, he had even made written admissions to the police. After a year of intense investigation, negotiation and advocacy, all charges were dismissed.