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Brill Legal Group, P.C., is a trusted law firm representing individuals and companies in international and transnational criminal matters, including:

  • People charged in a federal court, usually stemming from a federal investigation with an international focus.
  • People who have left the United States to escape criminal penalties and are trying to return.
  • Multinational or foreign corporations doing business in the United States, coming under scrutiny because of alleged customs violations, criminal investigations, money laundering charges, sanctions and other high-stakes legal challenges.

The world is much more connected than it has ever been, but borders still matter. When alleged criminal activity crosses international boundaries, skillful, appropriate criminal defense becomes more critical. Has your clothing manufacturing business or your restaurant in New York City been accused of participation in transnational organized crime in connection with smuggling of foreign workers?

Talk to an experienced New York City attorney focusing on international and interstate legal matters, including:

International Extradition Defense

Our international criminal defense attorneys can protect your rights under an extradition treaty or established legal reciprocity between the U.S. and another country. Once one of our lawyers is retained in an international extradition case, we can appear in any U.S. federal court anywhere in the country. In addition, we are prepared to coordinate and collaborate with local counsel in other countries.


Interpol Red Notice Removal

A red notice is a warrant issued by the International Criminal Police Organization, (Interpol), an association of police forces in many countries that are largely devoted to fighting international crime. The red notice indicates that a person is wanted by another country’s law enforcement agency. A red notice essentially functions almost as if it were an international arrest warrant.


OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal

A department of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) identifies individuals and companies as “specially designated nationals,” or SDNs. The OFAC SDN list includes names of people or groups allegedly or potentially engaged in terrorism, narcotics trafficking or money laundering.


Interstate Extradition Defense

If an extradition petition is underway, with governmental authorities seeking to extradite you from New York to another state or vice versa, Brill Legal Group, P.C., urges you to contact our law firm. It may be that the detainer from the requesting state can be lifted and bail can be posted while the extradition moves forward.


U.S. Seizure: Foreign-Owned Assets

As many of our international and American citizen clients have discovered, the United States government can seize property related to any criminal charges or investigations. Through administrative actions, the government can take any type of property: real estate, money, U.S.-based inventory, automobiles and other valuables. The value of seized property may range from almost nothing to many thousands or millions of dollars.


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Transnational Criminal Defense In New York City

The vast majority of significant international and transnational defense cases in the United States are based in New York or Washington, D.C. Our Manhattan law offices serve American citizens as well as foreign nationals who face prosecution on the basis of financial transactions, violation of United States import and export regulations, drug crime allegations, alleged violation of intelligence laws, transnational organized crime, human trafficking criminal charges and other critical legal matters. For those clients who have issues that must be handled in the nation’s capital, we have trusted contacts within the D.C. bar who can handle these types of matters.

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