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Civil Rights Litigation

Civil Rights Violations Attorneys Serving the Hamptons – East End Civil Rights Lawyers

The unfortunate trend for many years in Suffolk County and the Hamptons has been the abuse of power by certain bad elements of the local government agencies, police departments and law enforcement offices. Police misconduct is rampant, and victims of police aggression often feel powerless to do anything about it. Police and government officials, by their very nature, seem to hold all the power in any confrontation with the little guy. But not always. Official corruption, police brutality, or false arrest can be serious violations of a person’s constitutional rights.

As such, victims of police misconduct and other civil rights violations are entitled to be compensated for the damage done to them, and federal law provides a remedy under Title 42, Section 1983 of the United States Code. One of those constitutional rights is the ability to file a lawsuit to punish the corrupt police or government officials, and to hold accountable those who abuse their power. When it is done right, a civil rights suit can also help prevent others from suffering similar abuse and mistreatment at the hands of corrupt officials.

Our firm represents clients in a wide variety of government misconduct cases, including:

  • Civil rights claims against the police
  • Civil rights claims against Suffolk County, Nassau County or New York City
  • Civil rights claims against local town or village governments
  • Police brutality
  • Police harassment
  • Excessive force
  • False or warrantless arrests
  • Illegal searches and seizures
  • Illegal strip searches
  • Malicious prosecution

In many situations, victims of police brutality are also facing criminal charges and the prospect of taking action against the government seems daunting and unrealistic. Do not be afraid to protect yourself from this abuse of power. We are aggressive criminal defense attorneys, as well, with the experience to protect your rights, expose government corruption, and obtain justice for you or your loved ones.

If you believe you have been the victim of official misconduct, police abuse or false arrest, you should call the attorneys at the Brill Legal Group as soon as possible. While you may be entitled to recover damages for what you have suffered, the time to file a claim is very short, often only 90 days from when the incident occurred.

The lawyers at the Brill Legal Group know how to successfully pursue a civil rights claim. We have done it in the past, and we can do it for you. If you believe that your civil rights have been violated, contact us as soon as possible for a free consultation with an experienced Suffolk County civil rights attorney.

Our civil rights violations attorneys handle civil rights cases throughout New York City. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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