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When a New York teacher is accused of incompetence or misconduct, formal charges are filed against the teacher, and a secretary or clerk of the school district’s employment board notifies other board members of the charges. If the board determines that probable cause exists to pursue disciplinary action against a teacher, a written statement is sent to the teacher. This statement describes the nature of the charges and the teacher’s rights and lays out the penalties to be imposed if the teacher does not request a formal hearing or is found guilty.

At this point a teacher has 10 days to respond in writing whether he or she wants a 3020-A hearing. These hearings can be heard by a single officer or a three-member panel, depending on the circumstances.

If a teacher does not respond within the prescribed 10 days, he or she waives the rights to a hearing and the board will decide the outcome based on majority vote, without hearing evidence from the accused.

This situation is serious on multiple levels as a teacher may be:

  1. Suspended without pay for a prolonged period
  2. Subjected to immediate termination

Because of the possibility of losing, and therefore losing the job, union representatives often recommend settlement, even in situations where there is a very good chance of winning the hearing. In those situations, an attorney’s counsel and advice is almost always extremely important in terms of refuting frivolous allegations. School officials are then forced to defend and justify all proceedings of the school board should it proceed into a court of law for unlawful termination.

Tenured Teacher Attorney

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