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Few crimes are treated with as much contempt these days as sex crimes. Even the slightest rumor of someone’s involvement in a sex-related offense can cause untold devastation in a person’s life: the loss of a job, a spouse, a family, even a place to live. Sadly, “victims” of sex offenses are routinely caught making false allegations for personal or financial gain. But by then, the damage may already be done to the real victim: the falsely accused “sex offender.”

In the current climate of hysteria, where politicians have passed laws banishing sex offenders from some towns — and even some states — it often seems like no one will stand up to the prosecutors, who often don’t take the time to determine a “victim’s” background or motives for making an allegation of sexual assault. Partisan groups like Parents for Megan’s Law only serve to inflame the debate, making it even harder for the accused to get a fair shake, let alone a fair trial.

Granted, there are many cases where actual sex offenses have occurred. Many attorneys refuse to take such cases, and if they do, they treat their clients with disdain or outright contempt. These attorneys may counsel their clients to take the first plea bargain offered to them, even though it might not be in their best interest. Not our firm.

Among the many sex crime charges for which we can provide intelligent, aggressive defense are:



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