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“This Review has been a long time coming. There are no words to express the fact that Mr. Brill save my life. I was facing some serious charges that would have put me away for decades. To say that he fought hard on my behalf would be an understatement. For 2 years he fought for me and won my case against a team of 2 prosecutors and a very hard Judge. His name now carries weight in the Bronx prosecutor’s office. They know that if Mr. Brill is on the case, they are going to have a long fight ahead. Everything I have now, I owe to him. It is a debt that I hope one day I will be able to repay.”
– R.

“Very thorough and easy to get in touch with. Best decision I’ve made to retain him. Just a great lawyer! I researched the other attorneys in the field and they just didn’t seem to have the qualities and educational background as compared to Brill. When you retain Brill, that is exactly who you are dealing with- not the run-around with a partner. Defending medical licenses is not a common area of law, and it could mean your livelihood… Brill knows what he is doing and knows the right people. I highly, highly recommend.”
– E.M.

“Peter did a terrific job for a relative of mine on a New York education issue and was able to achieve a postive outcome. He not only provided good representation, but he was also helpful is keeping things positive. He did a good job preparing for the hearing. Thanks Peter.”
– A.J.

“Awesome versatile attorney. After proving my innocence he turned around and sued the agency responsible for my arrest and won! Because of my experience with Peter I am now inspired to pursue a legal career myself.”
– P.H.

“Excellent attorney who seems to understand how to navigate through the criminal justice system. In a time of incredible stress and turmoil, his guidance and wisdom will lead you to the most favorable outcome! I highly recommend his services.”
– P.K.

“Peter is a strong and compassionate attorney. He handled my OSPRA case adeptly. If you work with him, I am happy to support you with further information if you are in a similar boat and retain Peter.”
– V.J.

“Just when I was getting discouraged and was at my wits end trying to find the right attorney for my case, a family member recommended Mr. Brill. He did not disappoint. Mr. Brill and his team are diligent, very professional, encouraging and honest every step of the way. Highly recommended.”
– A.S.

“Excellent service. Brill Legal was a breath of fresh air and Peter is a genius! Not only is he thorough and practical, but he gets work done fast; especially when there are short turnaround times. I highly recommend Peter and Brill’s staff!!”
– T.H.

“Mr. Brill was extremely professional and assisted my family with legal matters whenever we needed clarifications. He also gave us his personal cell phone number so we could reach him at any time of the day or night. It gave my family a less stressful piece of mind. I would refer Mr. Brill to anyone that needs a great Criminal attorney as well as an attorney that can help you with all phases of the law.”
– J.K.

“Peter Brill is an incredible attorney who knows law! He is a genius and an incredibly thorough attorney who genuinely cares for his clients and is extremely patient and takes his time to explain everything. He is always reachable and has an incredible staff. A special thank you Mr. Brill and a very special thank you to Maria, who has always gone above and beyond. The Brill Legal group treated me more like family, than just another client. I highly recommend this firm and 5 stars does not properly justify how this firm really is. Thank you for everything!”
– I.T.

“Peter Brill is an excellent trial attorney who demonstrates great composure and a wealth of knowledge in both criminal law and law enforcement department policies and procedures.”
– J.F.

Peter, words cannot express the appreciation we feel for the wonderful job you have done for us over the past 2 1/2 years. Peter, you handled the case with great professionalism and compassion. The stress and the length of this unique case took a real toll on our relationship. You were so understanding and patient with anything that we or the court system happened to throw your way. I guess you say things just didn’t go smoothly. The case went from a felony, to several misdemeanors to two noncriminal charges. I don’t think an ordinary attorney could have done the fantastic job you have done for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. H & L

“On March 15th, 2008, I was wrongly arrested for DWI charge that I did not commit. Peter Brill was my attorney throughout the near two-year time frame that it took for my case to be brought to justice. He stood by me throughout this time and represented me to the fullest extent. Peter Brill, for lack of a better term, is a life saver!!! Because of Mr. Brill’s hard work and dedication, I was found not guilty on all charges. My family and I could not be happier with everything that he has done for us. I highly recommend Peter Brill as an attorney and as a person for that matter.”
Sincerely, T.E.

“Peter was great to work with. Very easy to speak to and took his time to explain issues at hand.”
– D.P.

“Peter is a highly competent attorney who handles a case professionally and thoroughly. He advises his client through the many steps of the process, answering questions as they arise in a most professional manner. He thinks out of the box when warranted. I would highly recommend Peter to handle any legal issues that arise and am very pleased with his work.”
– R.C.

“Peter does outstanding work! His knowledge of the law is first rate. He is conscientious, diligent and a tenacious advocate.”
– R.G.

“Peter was very effective and responsive. I would recommend him as a referral.”
– S.G.

“Peter is an incredibly detail-oriented attorney with a fine grasp of his client’s issues. He is a person of strong moral character and exceptional intelligence. His understanding of legal matters lends his clients a distinct advantage in civil and criminal matters. I strongly recommend him for these as well as countless other qualities.”
– R.D.

“Mr. Brill has handled several cases for me that included a very difficult custody/matrimonial case as well as two separate criminal defense cases, in both of which I was acquitted. He is not only very knowledgeable about law but has genuine concern for his clients, which provides a personal comfort level during stressful, emotional and very difficult times. He studies and understands the nature of his cases and the legal system, and he has vast experience with judges, prosecutors, and other attorneys in NY State. I have used his services for six years now and will continue to retain his advice and to recommend his services to my family, friends, and others who may need legal help. His straightforward and candid approach may be a rarity in many attorneys but are to be greatly appreciated in time of crisis and have served me well for many years.”
– F.S.



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Just when I was getting discouraged and was at my wits end trying to find the right attorney for my case, a family member recommended Mr. Brill. He did not disappoint. Mr. Brill and his team are diligent, very professional, encouraging and honest every step of the way. Highly recommended.

- A.S.