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Success in today’s high-pressure professions often requires aggressive business practices. In a cutthroat economy, you have to muster all the education and experience at your command to make it, and it can all come tumbling down in an instant. Even the whiff of an accusation of professional misconduct or criminal allegations may cost you your job, as well as your professional license or certification. When faced with these dire circumstances, it is imperative to retain the services of an attorney with the experience and knowledge needed to minimize the potential consequences.

At the Brill Legal Group, we can help protect your professional license. We have handled thousands of professional licensing matters, and we’re very good at it. We use our extensive resources and more than 10 years of experience to prepare an effective and compelling defense.

Aggressive Representation Through All Stages of the Process

We provide quality representation throughout all stages of the criminal and disciplinary process. While some firms only offer criminal defense services, our lawyers will work with you on every issue, including representing your interests in front of review boards. We will listen to your side of the story and develop a sound strategy to protect your license. At the Brill Legal Group, we don’t judge our clients; we help them.

Business and Legal Professionals
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Our lawyers represent professionals in the five boroughs of New York, and throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties in hearings before disciplinary boards. Our clients include:

  • Attorneys named as targets in criminal investigations by the Department of Justice, or those who are accused of legal malpractice by the Disciplinary and/or Grievance Committees of the First or Second Judicial Departments, Bar Association Grievance Committees, or Character and Fitness Committees
  • Stockbrokers and securities brokers accused of various types of fraud facing investigation by the New York State Attorney General, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) or Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Accountants and other business professionals in danger of losing their license due to allegations of embezzlement or other criminal activity
  • Engineers, architects and other professionals in licensing and certification issues

No matter your situation, the Brill Legal Group can provide you with shrewd negotiations and strong representation before any professional licensing disciplinary board.

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Peter Brill, Esq. reviewed my case the night before my hearing with the professional licensing board and represented me the next morning, won the case outright with a committee decision of 3-0, highly knowledgeable and articulate attorney who gets results!

- F.