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Conceal Prior Convictions From Criminal Records in New York

People convicted of certain crimes under New York law or released from custody at least a decade ago, whichever is later, may be able to benefit from a new law. Based on the new law that went into effect October 7, 2017, many of those convictions or incarcerations may be sealed. The impact of the newly-enacted legislation is to help people with a criminal past prove that they have been rehabilitated allowing them the opportunity to start over.

The statute allows candidates with eligible convictions from at least 10 years ago to seek the permanent sealing of those criminal convictions. In addition to requiring the convictions be at least 10 years old, the statue allows candidates up to one felony and no more than two total crimes to qualify for potential sealing.

Our Lawyers Can Help Conceal Your Criminal Record

Having prior convictions permanently sealed offers several benefits. For example, people whose prior convictions hampered their ability to get hired will not have to report them to potential employers once they are sealed.

The experienced criminal defense lawyers at Brill Legal Group, PC are fully prepared to assist clients seeking to seal their criminal convictions under the new law. While the statute states the rules for sealing prior convictions under New York law, the sentencing judge has the discretion whether to grant the application or not. Not only will we assist potential candidates through the sealing process, we will also counsel people about the steps to take to increase the likelihood of success.

Can a Criminal Record in New York be Sealed?

Factors that can increase the likelihood of a successful application to seal criminal records or prior convictions include:

  • The age of the convictions
  • Steps the applicant has taken since conviction to demonstrate how their behavior and attitude have been reformed
  • The defendant’s character
  • The types of convictions (murders and most sex offenses may not be sealed)

The attorneys at Brill Legal Group are prepared to assist candidates seeking to seal their criminal records in New York. Call today.



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