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Drug Possession or Sale

New York Drug Possession Defense Lawyer

If you were caught with illegal drugs, it’s not “game over.” Jail or prison is a very real possibility, but you will gain nothing by just pleading guilty. There may be viable defenses that an experienced attorney can use to have your case dropped or your sentence reduced.

The defense attorneys at the Brill Legal Group, P.C., have a successful record of defeating drug sale and possession charges or limiting the consequences. Our New York law firm has favorably resolved cases for adult and juvenile clients throughout New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County.

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Skilled Defense Against Charges for Drug Possession or Selling Drugs

When you face drug charges, you need lawyers you can trust, who have experience handling and winning these difficult cases. Our legal team has obtained positive results in hundreds of drug cases, including those involving:

  • Unlawful possession of marijuana
  • Possession of heroin, cocaine, crack or other controlled substances
  • Unlawful possession of prescription narcotics
  • Sale of drugs or transporting drugs

The charges and potential penalties you will face depend on a number of factors. This includes the amount of drugs, the circumstances of the transaction, and enhancing factors such as prior convictions or carrying a weapon. We do everything we can to get a dismissal or reduced charges, and if the case goes to trial we strive for acquittal.

Avoid Jail and a Criminal Record: Alternative Dispositions for Drug Crimes

Even for felony drug charges or repeat offenses, you could avoid jail and keep your record clean if you qualify for a treatment program. Some of these include drug court, Willard DTC boot camp, “shock probation” or serving your sentence at a halfway house. We will explore and explain your options, and the consequences if you fail to complete the program.

Helping You Fight Drug Possession Charges

We always look at the evidence against you. Did police have probable cause for a traffic stop? Permission for a search? Grounds for a warrant? Can they tie a stash of drugs to you specifically? Did police observe a drug transaction, or are they relying on an informant with his own motivation? Did they actually see drugs or money change hands? How were the drugs tested and weighed?

These are legitimate questions that could lead to dropped charges, lesser charges or confident grounds to take your case to trial.

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