New York Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

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Drug Possession or Sale

If you were caught with illegal drugs, it’s not “game over.” Jail or prison is a very real possibility, but you will gain nothing by just pleading guilty. There may be viable defenses that an experienced attorney can use to have your case dropped or your sentence reduced. The defense attorneys at the Brill Legal Group, P.C., have a successful record of defeating drug sale and possession charges or limiting the consequences. Our New York law firm has favorably resolved cases for adult and juvenile clients.


Prescription Drug Fraud

Possession of prescription-only painkillers, sedatives or stimulants is a felony if they were not prescribed to you. This includes medications prescribed to a family member. It is also a felony to sell or deliver your prescribed drugs to another, including giving pills to a friend or relative.


Possession of Prescription Drugs

Unlike other illegal narcotics, people addicted to or selling prescription drugs usually start because of a legal prescription. Unfortunately, the legal system does not see the difference. If not resolved properly, your charges could lead to fines and time in jail, along with a permanent criminal record which can ruin an otherwise promising future.




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