Academic Penalties

New York Academic Penalty Defense Lawyer

Schools may choose to discipline students in various ways that range from academic penalties to suspension or expulsion. When the child’s misconduct is related to academics, like cheating or plagiarizing, schools typically use academic penalties, such as withholding honors or holding the student back from progressing to the next grade or course.

Academic penalties may be imposed by the teacher in whose course or assignment the suspected academic dishonesty took place. The student may be given a low grade, fail the assignment or exam, fail the course, receive a lower overall course grade, be required to complete additional academic work or a combination of penalties.

Almost all schools at every level view plagiarizing and cheating as serious violations of their honor code. Many times, school officials will have a zero tolerance policy for such misconduct. However, the reality is that students do make mistakes. Some forms of plagiarism can be unintentional. For example, the child might not know how to correctly credit a source or might have simply forgotten to include a citation.

In some cases, the school may conduct an investigation to expose a pattern of academic dishonesty. They may hold a hearing to determine the appropriate disciplinary action to take against the student, whether it involves suspension or expulsion. The outcome of a school disciplinary hearing can have serious consequences on your child’s future.

That is why it is a good idea to consult an experienced attorney who understands what defenses are available to your child and can fight against unjust punishment. Sometimes all that is required is a lenient rule in the student handbook, along with some solid negotiating, to gain a favorable outcome.

Disciplinary decisions made by school administration can threaten a student’s right to continue school attendance, among other sanctions. It is critical to seek counsel who has a thorough understanding of the complex issues involved. Call the attorneys at Brill Legal Group.