Group Disciplinary Action

New York Group Disciplinary Action Defense Lawyer

High schools, colleges and universities are increasingly more likely to take disciplinary action against sororities, fraternities and clubs for certain behavior that was previously tolerated on campuses nationwide. They are enforcing stricter rules and regulations against underage drinking, drug use and hazing activities. Hazing involves forcing students to perform embarrassing, silly and sometimes dangerous challenges as initiation rites into a sorority or fraternity.

Students who engage in misconduct can be punished with stiff penalties that include suspensions and expulsions. Such disciplinary actions hurt students by affecting their ability to get into other schools and colleges, along with harming their future employment prospects. Hiring a top New York disciplinary hearing lawyer will help your child fight back against an unfairly harsh punishment.

If your child is being accused of any misconduct or criminal activity, they need an experienced attorney by their side. Students are permitted to have an attorney present in fraternity and sorority investigations. While the lawyer may not be able to actively participate in school discipline proceedings, they are usually allowed to accompany the student during the investigation process.

The student handbook plays a key role in group disciplinary action when a sorority, fraternity or other student organization gets into trouble. Each New York school, college and university has a student handbook that details the specific rules of conduct that students are expected to follow. It also outlines the school’s disciplinary process. Therefore, it is essential to gain familiarity with it before entering a hearing or any other disciplinary proceedings.

When there are multiple students facing investigations or school disciplinary proceedings, the truth can get lost in the various stories that are told. This can harm your child. If their fraternity brothers, sorority sisters or other classmates hire attorneys, they may be persuaded to cooperate with investigators in exchange for a more lenient punishment. Therefore, it is important to hire a knowledgeable attorney to represent your child as soon as possible.

Each student is entitled to a fair, unbiased investigation and disciplinary hearing. Attorney Peter Brill and his legal team understand that New York schools can be prone to rush to a judgement that can be unjustly severe. We respond aggressively to ensure your child gets a fair hearing and is not punished excessively.

The lawyers at Brill Legal Group have years of experience and high success rates in defending students in school disciplinary proceedings. We can often negotiate an alternative punishment that will not adversely affect the child’s school career or future educational and employment opportunities.

Contact us for a consultation today. The attorneys at Brill Legal Group strive to protect student rights and ensure your child is granted a fair hearing.