Removal from Residence Facilities

New York Residence Facility Removal Defense Attorney

Schools, colleges and universities use various sanctions to discipline students who are thought to have been in violation of their policies. In some cases, students may be forced to vacate their residence hall or other form of on-campus accommodation if they get into trouble. Such action may be taken for a number of reasons, whether it involves drugs or weapons possession, disruptive behavior or breach of residential contract.

Sometimes, a resident student will be reassigned to other available living space on campus.
Another alternative is a residence hall suspension in which the student will be required to vacate the residence hall for a specified period of time while awaiting an investigation and/or hearing.

In serious cases, a student may face eviction or removal from residential facilities and may no longer be allowed to live on campus. The school or college must provide the student who is being removed with a written notice of the charges, as well as the date and time of the hearing.

Such sanctions do not always match the severity of the incident in question. The attorneys at Brill Legal Group are experienced in representing students in student disciplinary proceedings concerning removal from residence facilities. If the punishment is too harsh or unfair for the alleged misconduct, the student has the right to appeal the hearing officer’s decision. Our team will negotiate the best possible outcome in each situation.

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