What is the Office of Professional Medical Conduct?

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) operates as an arm of the New York State Department of Health. It is responsible for investigating and adjudicating complaints brought against medical professionals.

The OPMC handles professional disciplinary matters that involve physicians, physician assistants and specialist assistants. The office’s duties include overseeing disciplinary hearings along with monitoring medical professionals placed on probation due to disciplinary action. 

The OPMC accepts complaints about professional misconduct from patients, their family members, employees and other members of the public, as well as health care facilities and state agencies. The office is required by law to investigate all allegations of wrongdoing.

Many physicians may not realize that the OPMC is not legally obligated to inform them of their rights. Therefore, if you are a medical professional who is under investigation for misconduct, you should contact an experienced New York medical professional discipline defense attorney right away. Brill Legal Group provides effective legal representation to medical professionals accused of wrongdoing.

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