What are some possible defenses for embezzlement charges?

Embezzlement is a serious crime in New York. Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer gives you the best chances of avoiding a conviction and lengthy prison sentence. An attorney can use a variety of potential defenses to fight embezzlement charges, depending on the facts of the case.

One possible defense is the expiration of the statute of limitations. Misdemeanor offenses must be prosecuted within two years of when the crime was committed, while the time limit for prosecuting felony embezzlement charges is five years.

Another defense strategy involves showing that the defendant did not have the intent to take the property from its rightful owner. For example, it may be possible to provide evidence that proves the defendant moved the property for safekeeping or that it was not taken in the first place.

In certain embezzlement cases, a defense lawyer may prove the funds were taken for legitimate business purposes, or that the defendant had authority or permission to use them. Perhaps you withdrew money in good faith while mistakenly believing you rightfully owned it.

A duress-related defense may be possible in some cases. A lawyer may argue in court the only reason you took the funds was because you were under duress. An example of duress is acting under the reasonable belief that you or another person would suffer harm if the theft was not committed.

There are many other possible defenses for embezzlement in New York. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can explore your options depending on the details of your case. Contact Brill Legal Group to learn more about how we can help you fight the embezzlement charges you are facing.

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