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Who has to register as a sex offender in New York?

People who have been convicted of registrable sex offenses in the state of New York must register as sex offenders with the Division of Criminal Justice Services. A hearing is held by the sentencing court to determine the duration of registration and the level of community notification required.

The court determines a risk level, Levels 1-3, for each individual who must register. Factors involved in assigning a risk level include the injury suffered by the victim, age of the victim, and whether drugs or weapons were involved in the crime.

The risk level is an assessment of the offender’s danger to society and risk of a repeated offense. Level 1 is the lowest and Level 3 is the highest. In addition to the levels, the court may designate an individual as a sexually violent offender, a sexual predator or a predicate sex offender.

Level 1 offenders with no designation must register for 20 years, but their information is not listed on the website of the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Higher level offenders must register for life, and their information is listed on the website. In addition, sex offenders must provide law enforcement with their current photograph and address.

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