What is Leandra’s Law?

Leandra’s Law is a strict New York law that prohibits driving while intoxicated (DWI) with a passenger aged 15 or younger in the vehicle. A Leandra’s Law offense is an aggravated DWI charge. It is an automatic felony that carries harsh penalties.

Formally known as the Child Passenger Protection Act, Leandra’s Law was enacted in 2009 to deter dangerous intoxicated driving that puts minors at risk of harm. A conviction can result in a lengthy prison sentence. There are no exceptions for first-time offenders.

The law is named in memory of Leandra Rosado, an 11-year-old girl who was killed in a car accident on the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York City. The driver, who was allegedly impaired by alcohol, lost control of her vehicle and caused injuries to six other children.

If you have been arrested and charged under Leandra’s Law, you need an experienced New York DWI defense attorney to protect you from the serious consequences that come with this offense. Contact Brill Legal Group right away to learn more.

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