What happens if I fail to report to my probation officer?

Reporting to an assigned probation officer is a common condition of probation. Failing to check in regularly may be considered a probation violation. Unless you have a valid reason for not reporting to your probation officer, you could be sent back to jail or prison.

You may initially get a warning letter, phone call or a home visit from your probation officer. Things can get more serious if the probation officer files a violation of probation with the court, which can trigger a hearing.

If you are accused of violating probation, you have the right to a hearing that allows you to present your side of the story. The judge who sentenced you to probation is typically responsible for deciding if your failure to report to your probation officer amounted to a violation. Punishments for a probation violation can include an extended period of probation, additional probation conditions or even having your probation revoked.

If you have been accused of failing to report to your probation officer or any other type of probation violation, contact a New York criminal defense lawyer immediately. A skilled attorney can represent you in hearings and convince the court that no violation has occurred.

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