What is interim probation supervision?

Interim probation supervision is a way to determine whether a person who qualifies for a probation sentence might be successful on probation. The court may decide to adjourn sentencing for up to a year from the conviction date based on the defendant’s plea or finding of guilt. The individual can then be placed on interim probation supervision.

If a person completes the interim period, they may be sentenced to probation instead of jail or prison. However, interim probation supervision does not automatically guarantee a probation sentence.

If the conditions of the interim period are violated, it can end early. The defendant may then be sent back to jail or prison. 

When the court sentences someone to probation, the term of probation starts at sentencing. The time spent under interim probation supervision does not count.

The rules of probation in New York can be complex and challenging to understand. Even a seemingly minor violation can lead to serious consequences. Discuss your situation with an experienced New York criminal defense attorney who can provide you with solid legal advice and fight for your rights.

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