Should I take a plea bargain?

A plea bargain, or plea agreement, is an agreement in which the defendant agrees to plead guilty to a charge in exchange for some concession from the prosecutor, such as a relatively lenient sentence or the dismissal of other charges.

Advantages of accepting a plea bargain versus going to trial:
• A lighter sentence and less-serious record than would result from a guilty verdict;
• Quick resolution, likely including getting out of jail if not done already;
• Less publicity;
• Lower legal fees.

• No chance of avoiding legal penalty entirely;
• No chance to prove your innocence — you may end up pleading guilty to a crime you did not commit.

Negotiating for the best possible plea bargain is very important. At the Brill Legal Group, we know how to exploit weaknesses in prosecutors’ cases to secure advantageous plea bargains for our clients. And, when necessary, we stand ready to defend you in trial.

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