What are some possible defenses for drug possession crimes?

While drug possession crimes in New York are punishable by harsh penalties, various defense strategies can be used to fight the charges. A criminal defense attorney will examine the evidence against you to determine the best approach in your case.

If the police found the drugs during an unlawful search and seizure, it may be possible to prove they violated your rights or had no legal basis for a traffic stop. The evidence gathered from an illegal search may be thrown out. A lawyer will be able to identify law enforcement errors and use them to your advantage. 

Other potential drug possession defenses include lack of intent to sell, lawful possession for personal use, insufficient quantity, the substance found was not an illicit drug, or the drugs did not belong to the defendant. Without substantial evidence, the charges may be dropped entirely.

A skilled New York criminal defense lawyer can craft an effective defense strategy to beat the drug possession charges you face and avoid severe penalties. Contact Brill Legal Group to learn more about how we can help you.

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