What penalties do physicians face for professional misconduct in New York?

When a New York physician is found guilty of professional misconduct, the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) will determine what penalties to impose. In less serious cases that involve minor violations, the penalty may be an administrative warning, which is non-disciplinary in nature.

However, if the physician is found guilty of substantial wrongdoing, the consequences become more severe. Penalties may include:

• Probation
• Community service
• Continuing medical education
• Fines of up to $10,000
• Medical license suspension or revocation

If a physician has engaged in a criminal act, they may face additional fines and even jail time. Being found guilty of professional misconduct can cause lasting damage to your career and your reputation. You may lose your medical license and have a hard time finding work again, effectively being forced to end your career in the medical field.

If you are under investigation for unethical conduct or wrongdoing by the OPMC, contact an experienced New York medical professional discipline defense attorney right away. Brill Legal Group will take immediate action to protect your medical career. Our seasoned lawyers provide representation to medical professionals during all phases of a misconduct investigation.

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