I Have a Bench Warrant. Why Was It Issued?

Bench Warrants in New York FAQ

The purpose of bench warrants is to bring the individual who was summoned, to appear before the judge and explain the reason for their failure to attend the court hearing. A bench warrant is issued when an individual has not met a court requirement. The following are some examples:

  • Failing to pay traffic tickets or fines
  • Failing to appear at a court hearing on a scheduled court date
  • Failing to complete community service by a designated date
  • Failing to satisfy various conditions of sentencing

The judge issues a bench warrant as an order that authorizes the local police or sheriff to pursue your immediate arrest.

A bench warrant requires prompt action from a skilled criminal defense lawyer. In most New York courts, the judge will allow your attorney to vacate the bench warrant on your behalf if you are unable to physically appear in court for a misdemeanor or violation. However, you will still need to resolve the underlying legal matter that initiated the bench warrant in the first place.

Do not take matters into your own hands or ignore the bench warrant. Ignoring a bench warrant can result in consequences such as jail time or revocation of bail. The skilled criminal defense attorneys at Brill Legal Group will work to ensure your legal situation is not complicated further.

Bench warrants can also negatively impact your employment. Bench warrants are revealed in even the most basic criminal background checks. In fact, most people tend to voluntarily take care of their bench warrants after they are informed of their existence by a potential employer. Employers are likely to not hire you until the warrant is vacated.

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