What qualifies as securities fraud?

Securities fraud is a term used to describe crimes that involve deceiving investors in the stock or commodities markets. It refers to breaching fiduciary duties or violating the regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission. There are many different types of crimes that may be considered securities fraud, including the following:

• Stock churning
• Pump-and-dump schemes
• Insider trading
• Embezzlement of client funds
• Ponzi schemes and other investment scams
• False filings with regulatory agencies
• Misstatements on financial reports
• Market manipulation
• Unauthorized trades

Brill Legal Group is experienced in defending clients against a variety of securities fraud charges. Anyone who is under investigation for securities fraud or indicted on such charges should work with a skilled criminal defense attorney who can craft an effective strategy to protect your rights and freedom in court. As securities fraud charges can be complex, hiring an accomplished lawyer who understands how federal prosecutors build their cases is vital.

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