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What should I do if I am arrested for identity theft in New York?

If you are arrested for identity theft in New York, you should speak to a qualified criminal defense lawyer right away. State and federal prosecutors are known to be aggressive in the pursuit of identity theft charges. Harsh penalties are not uncommon.
Being charged with identity theft means you are facing a serious criminal proceeding with the possibility of prison time, fines and probation. You may also have to deal with other future consequences of a criminal conviction, such as difficulty finding gainful employment and lasting harm to your reputation.
With such high stakes, anyone arrested for identity theft should act with urgency in getting a New York defense lawyer on their side. An attorney can provide a strategic defense that challenges any evidence the prosecution intends to use to build their case.
Brill Legal Group is experienced in handling a wide range of identity theft cases. Our New York criminal defense lawyers are ready to secure the best possible outcome for you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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