What is a 3020-A hearing?

New York teachers accused of misconduct, negligence or incompetence have the right to a 3020-A hearing. While a 3020-A disciplinary hearing is not a legal proceeding or formal trial, it takes place in a similar manner.

Section 3020-A of New York’s education law gives tenured teachers the right to keep their jobs and be protected from termination unless there is “just cause.” State school districts are required to go through due process before firing or otherwise penalizing a teacher.

A 3020-A hearing allows teachers to challenge any disciplinary action against them and defend their right to retain their job. The school district shoulders the burden of proving the charges.

The State Department of Education and the teacher try the case before an impartial hearing officer or a three-member panel, depending on the circumstances. A 3020-A hearing is typically conducted at the school district’s offices. After the proceedings, the hearing officer will recommend what penalties to impose if the teacher is found guilty of the charges.

Teachers have the right to appear and testify at the hearing, call witnesses, engage in cross-examination and retain legal counsel. If you are a tenured teacher facing disciplinary charges in New York, it is in your best interest to contact a qualified lawyer.

Brill Legal Group has experience representing teachers in 3020-A disciplinary hearings. A New York tenured teacher defense attorney from our team will prepare a solid defense for your case. We aim to ensure you avoid harsh penalties and hold on to your teaching position.

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