What can I do if I am fired from a university?

If you were wrongfully terminated from a university, there are wrongful termination laws that exist to protect your legal rights. Wrongful termination means firing someone for an illegal reason. Even though New York is an at-will employment state, employers cannot fire workers for unlawful reasons. (e.g., retaliation, discrimination)

Workers may sue for wrongful termination by providing evidence that shows how their employer fired them for an illegal reason. It is essential to know that circumstantial evidence may also prove unlawful termination. An example would be a worker filing a complaint about sexual harassment; the next day, the individual was fired. 

It is essential to know that the statute of limitation for unlawful termination can range from thirty days to three years. The variation in the statute is due to the type of case and which court you file with. Speak to a skilled unlawful termination attorney at Brill Legal Group for further information. If you file in time, you retain the right to receive compensation.

Should an employee at a university be experiencing issues at work with another employee or the person who hired them, they need to keep written records of all conversations and document their work incident. Discussing your termination with an experienced wrongful termination attorney at Brill Legal Group is best. We can assist you in receiving a fair and equitable settlement. In such a lawsuit, a wrongfully dismissed worker can seek lost benefits, emotional distress, and wages. 

Most wrongful dismissal cases can take several months, but there have been instances where an employer offered a settlement quickly. Should a wrongful dismissal case go to court, it could take several years for it to be resolved. Keep in mind that a wrongful termination settlement is also taxable. This includes any lost wages, compensatory damages, and punitive damages. Payments can include back pay, future pay, and lost wages, are also subject to payroll taxes and tax withholdings. 

Companies cannot fire a worker for being a whistleblower, in retaliation, because of race, religion, or gender, or for violating an employment contract. New York Labor Law mandates that employers provide a letter of termination to workers, in writing, with the termination date and when the worker’s benefits terminate. This letter must be provided within five days after firing a New York worker.

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