What Is an Interpol Red Notice?

Only local authorities where the individual targeted by a red notice is located can make an arrest.

A red notice is a warrant issued by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), an association of police forces in many countries that are primarily devoted to fighting international crime. A red notice is not an international arrest warrant. It essentially functions as an alert that indicates a person is wanted by another country’s law enforcement agency. The General Secretariat of Interpol can issue a red notice at the request of a member country.

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Types of Interpol Notices

Interpol issues different types of color-coded notices that allow for the global sharing of alerts and information requests between countries. Each notice has its own specific set of conditions:

Red notice: Requests the arrest of a person accused of a crime in another country
Blue notice: Requests information about a suspect’s location and identity
Green notice: Provides an alert about a suspect’s criminal activities
Yellow notice: Is meant to locate a missing person
Black notice: Indicates a suspect’s death.

Who Can Be Subject to an Interpol Red Notice?

An Interpol red notice is issued at the request of a member country to locate and arrest a wanted person for extradition to the country where criminal charges originated. The individual may be wanted for prosecution under suspicion of committing a serious crime or to serve a sentence upon being convicted.

The arrest can occur at any time in any of Interpol’s member countries while the individual is at home, traveling or crossing a border. A red notice provides details about a wanted individual, including the following:

Identifying details: Photo, physical description, photograph, fingerprints or ID numbers
Judicial information: The reason the arrest has been requested, such as a criminal charge, court sentence or role in a criminal investigation.

An important point to note is that it is not easy to determine whether you are the target of an Interpol red notice. While some information about prominent red notices is available on Interpol’s website, most notices remain confidential until they are executed.

When a Red Notice Is Issued, Does It Mean I Am Wanted by Interpol?

No, Interpol does not have the authority to issue an arrest warrant, make arrests or compel any country to do so. The organization aims to enable police cooperation between its member countries to solve crimes. Only local authorities where the individual targeted by a red notice is located can make an arrest.

Duration of Interpol Red Notices

Interpol ​red notices are typically valid for five years. They may be withdrawn earlier based on the Interpol General Secretary’s decision or at the issuing country’s request. The country can also extend the validity of a red notice if, for example, a wanted individual has evaded arrest.

As a result, it is wise not to assume that a red notice has expired once five years have passed. There are chances that an alert may still be active.

Does an Interpol Red Notice Arrest Mean Automatic Extradition?

An Interpol red notice does not always mean extradition. The law enforcement in the country where an individual is arrested can decide if extradition is justified. 

Extradition decisions are based on the seriousness of the red notice and the level of cooperation between the requesting country and the arresting country. Ultimately the laws of the arresting country determine what decisions are taken regarding extradition.

Consequences of an Interpol Red Notice

A person under threat of extradition to another country is at risk of significant life disruption even beyond the challenges of the criminal charges themselves. If you seek to dodge a red notice, you are at risk of being considered an international fugitive. Negative consequences can quickly snowball if you are not properly represented.

Upon issuing a red notice, a law enforcement agent will likely attempt to restrict travel or trade. In many countries, border authorities and police officers are required to arrest individuals who are subject to red notices. Your bank account may also be shutdown. Your need for legal counsel is urgent, and the experienced Interpol red notice lawyers at Brill Legal Group are ready to help.

Removing an Interpol Red Notice

You may be from a foreign country, working or traveling in New York, when a red notice is issued for your arrest. Upon rapid investigation of your situation, our attorneys may determine that the red notice arrest warrant in your home country was invalid, improper or in error.

In some cases, an issue has been cleared up at the local level, but that change of status has not caught up with the red notice issued by Interpol. Through Interpol’s administrative review process, our lawyers may be able to facilitate the removal of the red notice.

Some countries have also been known to use red notices for political reasons or in violation of human rights. Interpol enforces a set of rules that allow anyone targeted by a red notice to request its deletion when it appears to be abusive. A red notice may be deleted if a prosecution appears to be politically motivated or if there are insufficient grounds for prosecution.

The Commission for the Control of Files is in charge of handling and evaluating such requests. The proceedings can be lengthy and complex, which is why it is essential to have a knowledgeable lawyer representing your interests and taking the necessary steps for the removal or deletion of a red notice.

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