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New York International Extradition Defense Attorney

International extradition is the process of one country agreeing to surrender an alleged criminal to another nation assuming jurisdiction over the case. International extradition is common in situations where the defendant is accused of offenses such as tax evasion, drug trafficking, conspiracy and violent crimes against U.S. citizens.

If you are facing the threat of international extradition, we can help. With offices across New York, the criminal defense attorneys at Brill Legal Group are prepared to fight extradition on your behalf, whether you are at risk of being sent into or out of the United States.

We Can Help You Protect Your Rights

Extradition involves complex criminal and international laws that can be challenging to navigate. Even if you are a foreign national facing extradition to your home country, you will still have to deal with parts of the U.S. legal system that can be difficult to understand. You will need a lawyer with thorough knowledge of American laws to defend you against the criminal charges you face. Our experienced attorneys can advise you on the many factors affecting your case, such as your international extradition petition or an Interpol red notice.

It is important to realize that in the United States, you have rights even if you are not a resident or a citizen. At Brill Legal Group, we keep your best interests in mind and ensure that your rights are protected. Our lawyers can appear in U.S. federal courts across the nation. Additionally, we are prepared to collaborate with local counsel overseas.

The international extradition process is regulated by extradition treaties between the countries involved. The United States currently has such treaties with more than 100 nations. When the U.S. government has the cooperation of another nation seeking your extradition, it may seem like there is nothing you can do to stop it. However, preventing extradition is possible. Brill Legal Group has the resources to obtain your desired outcome.

Using Extradition Limits for Your Defense

There are numerous factors that can affect your extradition defense. For example, some countries refuse to extradite individuals to the United States if there is a chance the death penalty will be imposed. Countries may also refuse to extradite on humanitarian or foreign policy grounds.

Under normal circumstances, a person who has been extradited may be prosecuted only for the specific crimes for which extradition was granted. Both the surrendering and requesting nations implicitly agree that the accused will not be prosecuted for other offenses. When the extradited individual is charged with an offense for which the foreign country did not agree to surrender him or her, the Rule of Specialty can be used by the defense to dismiss the case or appeal the sentence.

International extradition is a very serious matter. If you are facing the possibility of extradition, you need experienced legal representation. Brill Legal Group attorneys are well versed in international extradition litigation and negotiation. We have used our knowledge of the complexities of extradition laws to help clients resist extradition or have a smooth transition to the U.S. criminal justice system.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation regarding international extradition defense. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Your call will always be answered.



Contact us today for a free consultation. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 888-315-9841

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