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New York man faces a variety of charges include vehicular assault

Knowing what to do when facing criminal charges is important for any accused individual to understand. In a New York community north of the Bridgehampton area, a 20-year old man was recently indicted on 60 criminal counts related to an alleged police chase that resulted in a car crash and the deaths of two individuals.…

The accused in a fatal Suffolk County DWI crash faces jail time

Those who are accused of vehicular assault in New York can face the potential for harsh, long-term penalties. Vehicular assault charges are very serious and can escalate into more severe charges very quickly, especially if the accused was intoxicated when the assault occurred. A Suffolk County man faces second-degree murder charges resulting from a June…

Vehicular assault charges and DWI under New York law

When facing prosecution for a fatal DWI crash, drivers in New York need to remember that a strong and wise defense is extremely important. Vehicular assault in the first degree is a Class D felony in New York and is one of the most serious charges one might face related to DUI/DWI. To find someone…

Trust us when charged with vehicular homicide

Criminal charges resulting from driving-related actions are often completely unplanned and unintentional. Many people do not realize how much a single drink may affect their blood alcohol level. However, if an accident occurs and your blood alcohol is above the legal limit, even slightly, everyone will generally assume that your driving while under the influence…