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Man pleads guilty in DUI crash

Anyone who is facing criminal charges has a right to defend themselves against those charges. Many times, part of that defense is a plea of not guilty. But when a person is facing serious charges such as a second offense DUI or vehicular assault, sometimes a guilty plea is the best course of action. Our…

Man pleads not guilty to DWI, manslaughter in Suffolk County

No one ever means to cause a serious car accident, let alone one that causes the death of a friend or loved one. When such a tragedy happens, however, police almost always become involved. And sometimes, depending on the circumstances, they choose to file charges against the driver, which is exactly what happened to a…

Long Island driver to face charges for fatal drunk driving crash

As we discussed last week, New York laws are not easy on drunk drivers. Even a first-time offender can face serious consequences. And when drunk driving leads to an accident that causes injury or death, the charges can be much more severe. This is exactly what happened recently when a man from Long Island got…