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Trust us when charged with vehicular homicide

Criminal charges resulting from driving-related actions are often completely unplanned and unintentional. Many people do not realize how much a single drink may affect their blood alcohol level. However, if an accident occurs and your blood alcohol is above the legal limit, even slightly, everyone will generally assume that your driving while under the influence was the cause of the accident. While the penalties for DWI are significant in themselves, an especially serious or fatal DWI accident has the potential of resulting in charges of vehicular homicide or assault.

If you are charged with vehicular homicide or assault, it can be one of the most difficult times of your life. Not only do you have to deal with the trauma and effects of the accident itself, but you and your family also have to worry about the stress of a criminal trial and whether you will be convicted of a felony, which will likely have serious and long-term effects on your family, your career and even your health.

At times like this, you need the reassurance of knowing that someone experienced and qualified is on your side and fighting to protect your rights. There is not just one single criminal defense strategy. It is important to know when to negotiate and when to challenge the evidence. It is critical to ensure that police and prosecutors acted appropriately and respected your rights-and to bring the issues to light if they did not.

Our firm has the experience and dedication you need to protect your interests in this significant and stressful time of your life. We will handle the details and strategies, informing you along the way about the process and the options so that you feel ready to participate actively in your defense and protect your future. Please visit our website to see how we can assist you with your criminal defense needs.