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Does advertising lead to underage drinking in New York?

Residents of New York who have children under the age of 21 may wonder if their children consume alcoholic beverages. Additionally, they may wonder why the young adults choose to drink and why they choose specific brands. Is it because of the price or possibly the taste? Or maybe it’s something else completely. A study…

Underage drinking initiative results in 14 arrests

When a resident of New York is caught in a situation in which alcohol is being consumed illegally, whether it is while operating a motor vehicle or in another manner, there is always the potential for severe consequences. This is especially true when the illegal alcohol usage involves underage drinking. New York State Police recently…

Teen says curve, not pot was responsible for fatal crash

Prosecutors allege that a New York City teen was high on marijuana and speeding when he lost control of his sports car and caused and accident that killed his three best friends in October 2012 on the Southern State Parkway on Long Island. During the opening statements of the teen’s criminal trial this week, his…

Woman charged in connection with underage drinking

The legal drinking age in Bridgehampton as well as the rest of the nation is 21. Anyone who drinks that is under that legal age can be charged with underage drinking. However, as a local woman discovered, any adults who contribute to the children consuming alcohol can be charged with a crime as well. New…