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Underage drinking initiative results in 14 arrests

When a resident of New York is caught in a situation in which alcohol is being consumed illegally, whether it is while operating a motor vehicle or in another manner, there is always the potential for severe consequences. This is especially true when the illegal alcohol usage involves underage drinking.

New York State Police recently executed an investigation into underage drinking activity in the state. The investigation was in Sylvan Beach and initially resulted in the arrest of 14 minors that are now facing alcohol-related charges. Eleven of the charges and arrests were for unlawful possession of an alcoholic beverage by an individual that is under the age of 21. The other three arrests and charges were for violating the local ordinance of Sylvan Beach that prohibits open alcohol containers.

The investigation and resulting arrests are the consequence of an underage drinking initiative. According to state police, this initiative will continue throughout the remainder of the summer on Sylvan Beach.

All alcohol-related charges are serious and can have a negative impact on the future of the charged, and potentially convicted, individual. When an individual faces criminal charges involving alcohol as a minor, it can have an impact on their professional future and their ability to obtain education and a career later in life.

Unfortunately, many individuals under the age of 21 do not realize these consequences, and charges like this are often the result of an accident or mistake that was made when a young adult was simply trying to enjoy life or have a good time with friends. These individuals, just like anyone else that is facing criminal charges, deserves a defense and a fair trial. It is important that they understand that there are not only defense lawyers out there that will help them through this situation but also that they are innocent until proven guilty.

Source: WIBX950, “State Police Arrest 14 In Underage Drinking Initiative,” Luke Tubia, June 17, 2014