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Understanding underage drinking laws in New York

The consequences of underage drinking in New York can be significant and can threaten a minor’s education, personal and professional future. Because of the serious consequences of underage drinking charges in New York, it is important that the underage drinking laws in the state are well known and understood. In general, it is illegal for…

Don’t let underage drinking charges derail your future plans

As the holiday season draws near, many young people will be returning home to Bridgehampton for winter break. They will finish their examinations and pack up their dorm rooms to travel home for celebrations with family and friends. Many of those festive parties and gatherings will involve alcohol and the fact is that youths under…

Underage drinking: does NY allow me to serve my teenager alcohol?

Underage drinking in New York applies to anyone who is under 21-years-old. Anyone over the age of 21 may imbibe alcoholic beverages in public and private, as long as they are not prevented from doing so by a court of law. This is virtually universal knowledge, but what is not widely known and is often…

Understanding New York’s underage drinking laws

New York has a range of underage drinking laws. Understanding exactly what is and is not permitted under the law is very important regardless of whether someone is trying to avoid legal problems or already facing some. First of all, there are underage drinking laws that relate to driving and others that do not. Although…