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Don’t let underage drinking charges derail your future plans

As the holiday season draws near, many young people will be returning home to Bridgehampton for winter break. They will finish their examinations and pack up their dorm rooms to travel home for celebrations with family and friends. Many of those festive parties and gatherings will involve alcohol and the fact is that youths under the age of 21 may choose to indulge in alcoholic beverages when they are with the people they love.

If they are caught in possession of alcohol, these young people could face very serious consequences for their actions. Underage drinking can result in criminal penalties that can threaten young people’s plans for their future careers and beyond. Alcohol-related charges can linger on a person’s record for years and can damage his or her chances for reaching important life goals.

The Brill Legal Group is aware of how detrimental underage drinking charges can be for a young person. The legal professionals of our firm have worked with clients and prosecutors in this area to manage the consequences that such charges can bring. While no outcome can ever be guaranteed and each client should approach any legal situation in terms of the unique case, many individuals facing alcohol-related charges have met their legal problems head-on with the help of defense attorneys.

Defense attorneys, such as those from our legal group, have knowledge and experience working with clients in similar situations to your own. We can provide you with specific legal advice to get you through the nuances of your own charges. Don’t let holiday charges unravel your future or your child’s future – please visit our website on underage drinking and other alcohol-related charges.