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Dec 22 2020

New York couple accused of trafficking over $180,000 worth of drugs

A New York couple was arrested for trafficking marijuana and cocaine after law enforcement officers seized drugs valued at more than $180,000 from their Montgomery home.

Nancy Schwerberg, 43, and her husband, Marius Schwerberg, 65, were charged with first-degree drug possession. Investigators executed a search warrant that turned up 17 pounds of marijuana and 1,485 grams of cocaine in their residence. The drugs were believed to have a total street value in excess of $180,000.

Authorities also discovered a loaded handgun and equipment used for cutting, weighing and packaging cocaine. They found $1,187,391 in cash, which prosecutors believed to be the largest amount of money ever recovered in an Orange County narcotics search. The couple was taken into custody in New Jersey and extradited to New York.

When you have been accused of drug possession, the odds of being sentenced to jail or prison are high. However, this does not mean that you should automatically plead guilty. At Brill Legal Group, our lawyers have experience crafting viable defenses in all types of drug-related cases. Not only can we fight to have your penalties reduced, but we can try to defeat the drug charges entirely.

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