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New York firefighter faces multiple drug charges over fentanyl purchase and sale

May 1 2018

New York firefighter faces multiple drug charges over fentanyl purchase and sale

A New York City firefighter pleaded not guilty to federal charges of drug possession and sale in Brooklyn federal court. He was accused of using Bitcoin to purchase fentanyl online with the intention of selling the deadly opioid.

Anthony Murino, 45, was charged with fentanyl possession, distribution and importation. He was arrested after authorities discovered around 26 internationally shipped packages at JFK Airport starting in October last year. The packages allegedly contained fentanyl or a fentanyl analog.

According to the complaint, 23 grams of a white powder were found in at least one package. Investigators said the substance was an analog of fentanyl. After discovering that the packages were addressed and delivered to Murino, authorities arrested the firefighter in January.

Court documents stated Murino allegedly bought the dangerous drugs from China using Bitcoin with the intention of selling them. He also admitted to purchasing other controlled substances from the country on multiple occasions.

Murino, who remains on modified duty with the New York City Fire Department, appeared in court after recently undergoing treatment at a drug rehab clinic. The judge expressed his approval of the firefighter’s marked improvement in comparison to his disheveled first post-arrest court appearance.

The potential penalties for a drug conviction depend on a wide range of factors such as the amount of drugs seized by authorities and the circumstances surrounding the alleged drug possession or sale. The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Brill Legal Group know how to aggressively fight drug charges and obtain the best possible outcome in such cases.